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Vik Momjian and "slow motion reign" drummer Vigen Sayadian on a flight to Montreal Canada for a gig 7-12-03

Art Kartalyan and Abe Gumroyan in Vegas 12-24-02

Arto Tuncboyaciyan and sound engineer Pete at Crystal lake

Arto Tuncboyacyan and Vik Momjian having lunch 12-15-02

Arto Tuncboyacyan sound engineer Pete and Vik Momjian atCrystal Lake studios 12-13-02

Carmen Gonzalez with Vic Little on the left and Myron Dove on the right at NAMM 2003

Mirek jammin with Jim Bergantino with his new 610 cab in the background NAMM 2003

Vik Momjian and Abe Gumroyan in Las Vegas 12-24-02

Vik Momjian and Jim Bergantino at NAMM 2003-not focused

Vik Momjian and Scott Surine at the Surine booth NAMM 1-18-2003

Vik Momjian with Myron Dove on the left and Vic Little on the right at NAMM 2003

Drummer,Percussionist Walfredo Reyes Jr. and Vik Momjian grabbin' a bite 2-19-02

Walfredo Reyes Jr. Vik Momjian and Ultrapull drummer Harry Megerdichian 2-19-02

NAMM show 2002 Bob Archigian of La Bella strings with Vik Momjian 01-20-02

NAMM show 2002 Victor Little Jim Bergantino Vik Momjian and Mirek Kocandrle at the Bergantino Audio Systems booth 01-20-02

NAMM show 2002 Vik Momjian and Bill Bartolini of Bartolini pickups and electronics 01-20-02

NAMM show 2002 Vik Momjian Jim Bergantino and Mirek Kocandrle at the Bergantino Audio Systems Booth 01-20-02

NAMM show 2002 Vik Momjian Jim Bergantino and Victor Little at the Bergantino Audio systems booth with Harvey Citron in the background 01-20-02

Jimmy Mahlis,Dimitri Matsis and Vik Momjian hanggin' out in San Fransisco on tour with Persian artist Ebi 12-15 -01

Dimitri Matsis and Vik Momjian in San Fransisco on tour with Ebi 12-15-01

AJB conductor Armen Mardirosian and Vik Momjian on the tour bus returning from Fresno Gig 12-08-01

AJB drummer Arman Jalalian and Vik Momjian after Alex theater gig 11-30-01

Arman,Goga,Lilit and Vik hangin' out 12-09-01
Armen Hyusnounts and Vik momjian in dressing room , Fresno gig 12-08-01
Armen Hyusnounts and Lilit Balasanyan of AJB with Vik Momjian at Fresno gig 12-08-01
Armen,Vik,Arthur,Arman and Sam after AJB rehearsal 11-29-01
Armenian Jazz Band Conductor and Vik Momjian after Alex Theater gig 11-30-01
Armenian Jazz Band Flutist Lilit Balasanyan and Vik Momjian after Alex theater concert 11-30-01
Lilit Balasanyan and Vik Momjian 12-09-01
Vik Momjian with AJB musicians after Fresno gig along with band producer Arthur Asadryan 12-08-01
Jonne-Marie, Pete, and Vik at the Playboy Jazz Press release

Pete at the Playboy Jazz Press release

Pete in Grotto #2 at the Playboy Mansion

Vik at Playboy Press release

Vik at Playboy Mansion side entrance

Vik in Grotto at Playboy Mansion

Virtuoso drummer Dave Libman, keyboardist Pete Deneff, sax and flute player Greg Riley at an Excursion gig

Virtuoso bassists Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten awed by the "Armen Pete 6" fretless at NAMM '98

Fellow bassists Vardan Arakelian and Kim Stone in '97

Vik Momjian, Pedro Eustache, Ramon Stagnaro in Dubei U.A.E., March '99 Dariush Tour

Vik Momjian Jimmy Mahlis, Jaffar Kermani, Art Kartlyan, and Robert Noghli backstage during EBI Tour

Vik Momjian with renowned Armenian composer Robert Amirkhanian, Dec '98

Vik Momjian with keyboardist Armen Chakmakian of Shadowfax fame, Borders gig, Dec '97

Vik Momjian with fellow bassist Kim Stone in '97

Vik Momjian with bassist Vardan Arakelian and drummer Armand Jalalian of Arto Tuncboyacian's band at NAMM '97

Vik Momjian and Vardan Arakelian jamming at the Salwender booth, NAMM '97

Vik Momjian and Pedro Eustache in Shipley, England, March '99 during the Dariush Tour

Vik Momjian and guitarist Levon Ichkhanian hanging out in Toronto, Canada

Steve Bailey and Long Ly posing next to a couple of Armen Basses at the Bass Exchange in '97

Vardan Arakelian visiting Vik Momjian and Steve Bailey, staff instructors at BIT, M.I. '97

Vardan Arakelian with fellow bassists Gary Willis and David Hughes, NAMM '97

Vik Momjian, Vardan Arakelian, John Pena, Dave Garfield, and Armand Jalalian backstage at M.I. in Jan '97

Luthier Armen Blboulian of Armen Basses with Vik Momjian, Louis Johnson, Bunny Brunnel, and Michael Tobias at NAMM '98

1997 Playboy Jazz Festival Press Release at the Playboy Mansion attended by Vik Momjian and Pete Deneff of "Excursion"

Meet Excursion

Drummer Tom Brechtlein and Vik Momjian, April 24, 2001

Tom Brechtlein and guitarist Jimmy Makhlis, April 24, 2001

Vik Momjian with fellow bassist Vic Little in L.A, April 26, 2001

Vik Momjian,Tom Brechtlein,Jimmy Makhlis and Art Kartalyan at Spazio Gig, April 28, 2001

Bouzouki Virtuoso Danny Papakalos after a performance at Long Beach S.U with Excursion 5-10-01

Dean Taba , Vik Momjian and Jimmy Makhlis 5-15-01

Backstage at The Playboy Jazz Festival 5-26-01 Paul and Jonne-Marie ,Pete,Danny,Vik

Excursion Band Photo backstage at the Playboy Jazz Festival 5-26-01

Playboy Jazz Festival Excursion performance 5-26-01

Playboy Jazz Festival Excursion performance 5-26-01

Vik Momjian,David Derge,Pete Deneff and Jimmy Makhlis at a gig in Marina Del Rey 5-27-01 (2)


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